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Questions To Ask An Austin Wedding DJ

Updated: May 1

“When it comes to wedding planning, you must ask your Austin wedding DJ the right questions to get the right match.” DJ Ram-Z
An all white wedding DJ booth
U7 Austin DJ's wedding reception booth

So, you have an appointment with a DJ for your wedding and you're searching the internet for the best questions to ask during the interview, you my friend, are in the right place! I created this wedding DJ list of questions to guide future Mr. and Mrs.’s, much like yourselves, toward important questions you should be asking each and every Austin wedding DJ you sit down with to interview. Asking these questions up front will help you find the right professional wedding DJ that can pull off exactly what you and your fiancé want for your big day! When you're searching for the perfect wedding DJ, forgetting to ask an important question could mean ending up with an Austin wedding DJ that's missing the mark, or ending up with a hefty charge at the end of the night. Too often choosing the wedding entertainment is left to the end of your overwhelming wedding to do list, but the truth is, it shouldn’t be!

Not only does music set the appropriate mood for the evening, but a skilled Master of Ceremonies will gracefully guide your guests from one spotlight moment to the next flawlessly. And, on a practical note, the best Austin wedding DJs are often booked well in advance. Thus, you need to put your wedding entertainment at the top of your wedding to do list. It should be somewhere closely after the venue has been booked. The reality is you’re not only taking on the role of bride or groom-to-be, you’ve just become the operations wedding manager of what will essentially manifest into your very own personal love tribe for an entire day. Exciting? Absolutely! But, also, overwhelming and completely time consuming. So, take a deep breath because I have done the initial hard work for both you and your fiancé.

Let’s get started….

First off, wedding DJ’s are responsible for mixing electronic music flawlessly. And, for being the evenings Master of Ceremonies for your special moments while controlling the uplighting around the perimeter of the venue is no small task. Multitasking is just part of the wedding DJs job along with good taste and epic communication skills. Yes, my job as a professional wedding DJ is to ensure the music playlist for the evening is mixed properly with your favorite songs while adding in requests from your guests. Making sure your songs are played on time and engaging with the dancer’s on the dance floor through music requests and group dances is what you are paying for but it is so much more than that. The truth is that the best Austin wedding DJ’s are also great day of coordinators that have on the job experience from their past years as a professional wedding DJ. They understand how to slow down a moment or speed one up in order to keep on time with the wedding itinerary. This is a priceless wedding DJ skill, I promise you, and sadly, not all wedding DJs have that said skill set.

When interviewing an Austin wedding DJ for your wedding, suitable DJ candidates will have a charismatic personality, strong verbal communication skills, a passion for electronic music and proof that they can keep the dance floor lit. You should be wary of wedding DJs with poor interpersonal skills during the interview and those who are not comfortable presenting to a live audience because they will also be the Master of Ceremonies for the evening and do need to be able to demand the attention of the room with their personality and presents by guiding your guests from ceremony to cocktail hour to reception.

After your sacred ceremony and the cocktail hour you and your wedding guests will be looking forward to dancing the night away in celebration of love and the beauty of finding your forever family. Music can make or break your wedding, so it is important to choose your wedding DJ wisely. To guide you, I have put together a list of 100 questions to ask potential DJs. While you won’t need to ask all 100 questions you should go through this list of questions and pick a few that speak to you before you and your fiancé sign on that dotted line.

Pro Tip: If the Austin wedding DJ you interview does not have a contract of service thus no dotted line to sign on, this is a good time to turn around and run … as far as you can from said “Austin wedding DJ”. They are not a professional wedding DJ and will not be a suitable vendor candidate for your wedding.

Okay, drumroll please... without a doubt the most important question will be whether or not the wedding DJ is available on the date of your wedding?

Now, with that in mind, let's move onto,

The 100 important questions to ask a wedding DJ when interviewing

  1. How long has the wedding DJ’s company been in business?

  2. How many weddings has the DJ provided electronic music for?

  3. Is DJing weddings their main DJ gig or do they play at other events, and clubs?

  4. Does the DJ perform at more than one wedding on the same day?

  5. How much time does a wedding DJ need to setup and break down at your venue?

  6. What is the wedding DJs payment structure and cancellation policy?

  7. What is the wedding DJs back-up plan should he/she/they or team fall ill?

  8. How long does the wedding DJ play music for during the evening?

  9. What equipment will the wedding DJ use? Microphones? Speakers? DJ Facade?

  10. Does the DJ have a back up plan if their DJ equipment doesn’t work?

  11. Does the wedding DJ offer other services such as a photo booth, and uplighting?

  12. What type of equipment does the DJ need the wedding venue to provide?

  13. Has the professional DJ worked at your wedding venue in the past?

  14. Will the DJ coordinate their needs with the wedding venue?

  15. How extensive is the wedding DJ’s music collection?

  16. What types of music genres do they usually DJ at Austin weddings?

  17. How does the wedding DJ keep their music collection current?

  18. Does the wedding DJ play song remixes or only original versions of your songs?

  19. Can you provide your own wedding playlist and a “do not” playlist to the DJ?

  20. Will the DJ play open format and accommodate song requests from guests?

  21. How does the professional DJ get your wedding guests excited to dance?

  22. Where can you hear the wedding DJ ’s sample sets from previous weddings?

  23. Does the wedding DJ take breaks? If so, will the music stop?

  24. Will the wedding DJ act as the Master of Ceremonies as well?

  25. What will the professional wedding DJ wear? Black Tie Formal? Themed?

  26. Does the professional DJ company offer wedding packages?

  27. When will the wedding DJs finalize the musical journey for the evening?

  28. What is the hourly cost to DJ overtime at the wedding?

  29. What is the cost of the wedding DJ’s travel fee? Are there any hidden fees?

  30. How much is the required for a deposit to hold the date of your event?

  31. Does the wedding DJ company offer payment plans like Affirm?

  32. What type of payment does the wedding DJ take?

  33. What is the DJ's policy on privacy? Will they share your event photos publicly?

  34. Does the wedding DJ require you to provide a meal the day of the event?

  35. Does the wedding DJ have special event liability insurance coverage? How much?

  36. Can the wedding DJ provide professional wedding references?

  37. How far in advance do you need to book the wedding DJ for your big day?

  38. When will the wedding DJ need your final payment? Deposit?

  39. What has been the most memorable experience for you so far as a wedding DJ?

  40. Does the wedding DJ have a questionnaire for you to fill out? Contract of Service?

  41. When not DJing weddings, where can we find you DJing at in downtown Austin?

  42. What is the DJ’s take on wedding uplighting design?

  43. What made you decide to pursue an Austin wedding DJ career?

  44. When is Austin’s wedding high season? How far in advance do you need to book?

  45. What wedding dance party add on does your DJ company have to offer?

  46. When did you start DJing weddings? How long have you been a professional DJ?

  47. Who are your DJ influences?

  48. What is your greatest strength as a professional wedding DJ?

  49. Do you think that the DJ industry is a man’s world with no place for female DJs?

  50. What is the most romantic wedding venue you have DJed at?

  51. What is the coolest event you have DJed at outside of Austin weddings?

  52. What style of music do you DJ when you aren’t playing at a wedding?

  53. What makes you different from other wedding DJs in the Austin area?

  54. Where did your journey in the music industry began?

  55. Where do you see your wedding DJ career heading next?

  56. What are your wedding DJ companies plans for the future?

  57. Does the DJ mix in and out of different songs by blending the two songs?

  58. What music did the wedding DJ listen to today before your consultation?

  59. How do you prepare your professional wedding DJ sets?

  60. How do you get people that don’t know each other to dance together?

  61. Is there anything new on the Austin scene that’s a must-have for wedding DJs?

  62. What’s the latest music trend for weddings in Austin Texas?

  63. What wedding DJ advice would you give to your past self?

  64. If you could DJ back to back with any one from any genre who would it be?

  65. Tell us about the musical journey you take as a wedding DJ during the reception?

  66. Describe your wedding DJ performance style in three words.

  67. Why did you want to become an Austin wedding DJ?

  68. What genre of music inspires your wedding DJ career at the moment?

  69. How do you create an inclusive dance floor for all my guests to enjoy?

  70. What do professional wedding DJs need from their clients to hold the date?

  71. Do you have a laser show for the wedding dance floor?

  72. What was your introduction to electronic music when you were growing up?

  73. What’s your main wedding DJ and ceremony set-up and why do you use that?

  74. What have you added recently to your wedding DJ set up?

  75. Are there any unwritten rules among Austin wedding DJs?

  76. Do you have multiple PA’s for the ceremony, cocktail and reception areas?

  77. Can you insure that your microphones won’t ruin the moment at my wedding?

  78. What are your main challenges as a wedding DJ in Austin?

  79. What is it about wedding DJing that makes it worth it for you?

  80. How do you stay up to date with the latest music trends for weddings?

  81. What professional DJ techniques do you use to engage wedding guests?

  82. Where do you feel most comfortable in your studio or performing at weddings?

  83. Do you have any DJ rituals you do before DJing a wedding?

  84. What would you say is the most rewarding part of being an Austin wedding DJ?

  85. Name a song you can listen to three times in a row without getting tired of it.

  86. What’s your creation process in the studio when preparing to DJ a wedding?

  87. How long does it take you to set up your all white wedding DJ Booth?

  88. How do you feel when you’re DJing a wedding and the crowd is dancing?

  89. What have you learnt since becoming an Austin wedding DJ?

  90. Name three songs that have influenced your life as a wedding DJ and tell me why.

  91. Will you be available to answer my questions leading up to my wedding?

  92. What skills do you think wedding DJs need to be successful as a professional?

  93. What is the most important characteristic someone must have to be a DJ?

  94. Do you have advice for anyone wanting to be a professional Austin wedding DJ?

  95. Do you take cigarette breaks as a DJ performing at a wedding?

  96. Will you DJ my weddings after party? Wedding rehearsal? Engagement party?

  97. Can you DJ an outside wedding without audio problems? What will you need?

  98. What do you need from your clients to successfully DJ a wedding?

  99. Will you coordinate a soundcheck at the wedding venue on the day of?

  100. How do I book your DJ company, U7 Austin DJ, for my wedding?

And, there it is my friends, to help you better vet candidates, here is my personal curated list of the top 100 questions to ask your wedding DJ before you book them. Remember, every wedding day has a soundtrack of its own. From the walk down the aisle to the sweetheart dance to your sparkler send off, music helps set the tone for all the evenings special moments and the DJ is the Maestro that conducts the evening into musical magic.

I hope this master list of questions to ask wedding DJs before booking them helps you better prepare for your consultation because your wedding DJ will set the tempo for your dance party and you will want to make sure you find the right professional. One that can keep your guests entertained and the party dancing into the night is most likely the DJ you will want. Lastly, never be afraid to ask as many questions as you need, to any wedding vendor you meet. Thank you for your time - Good luck with your wedding planning Friends (you will need it)!

Do you have any additional questions that you think should be included to my wedding DJ list? Let me know here. If you are interested in knowing my answers to any of the above questions please reach out and let’s talk about it. You can email me at or call me at 1-833-U7ATXDJ.

If you would like to book me for your wedding you can find a quote questionnaire here or inquire about booking my service here. I am open to answering any questions you have about the Austin Texas wedding industry or the current commercial equipment standards for professional wedding DJs in the local Austin live event scene.

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Lastly, my final shameless self plug, my local Austin wedding DJ company, U7 Austin DJ also specializes in wedding design;

Please reach out if you are interested in learning more about me and my wedding companies services.


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