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U7 Austin DJ Company Event

"Keep your employees dancing towards the future with a party." - DJ Ram-Z

U7 Austin DJ is a business built around fun and celebration. So I get it, every dedicated employee needs to let loose on the dance floor now and then. I have been an Austin company event DJ long enough to understand that dancing and celebrating employees today contributes to better work ethic in the office tomorrow. Let me help your company say thank you, by designing an unforgettable company dance party that will leave your employees feeling appreciated and refreshed.
When you book U7 Austin DJ as your company event DJ, you will be creating a positive buzz in the office Monday morning that will keep company morale up and moving towards the future. If you are interested in working with me at your next company party, check out where you can find U7 Austin DJ the post is my companies online directory. You can learn more about my local small business on U7 Austin DJ blog.


Besides my electronic music service I also offer company events in the Austin area epic event design;

Austin Dj in downtown club
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