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U7 Austin DJ
Dance Floor Lighting

Do I need lasers? This is often the question I’m asked by couples that are planning their wedding dance party. So to answer that question let me ask you this. What do you want your wedding guests to say about your wedding when it is all said and done the next day?


  • “That was so much fun, I’ve never danced so much”

  • “I didn’t want last night to end.”

  • “I want my wedding day to be as unforgettable.”


When you are planning your wedding you may not know exactly what you want but you 100% know that you want your guests to have to have a good time. It it would be nice for you and your spouse to enjoy the day as well.  As a local Austin Texas wedding company, U7 Austin DJ will make planning your wedding day stress free and easy. Our award winning wedding DJ’s are always willing to help you and your guests have the time of your lives during your wedding celebration with a laser light dance show for your reception. Adding lasers to the dance floor will create the memories that keep your guests dancing and talking about your wedding day for a lifetime.

U7 Austin DJ Dance Light Show.jpg
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