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Why You Need Wedding Lighting Rental

Updated: May 1

Why you should add wedding lighting rental to your budget for your wedding or any special occasion!

Austin wedding DJ event uplighting design.
You can see five amber colored uplights on the wall of this Austin wedding.

I know, I know ... what you're thinking, why add wedding lighting rental to the budget? You are already over budget as is so you think you can skip out on event lighting. WRONG! It's simple, you need event uplighting because you cannot create ambiance without a lighting design for the event's room. Event uplighting can be used to enhance the elegance that you seek at a wedding or give the evening a night club dance party vibe or even promote your brand or company.

Event uplighting creates the ambiance of the evening and welcomes your guests into the mood you designed for them turning your event into an epic celebration and not just a nice night out. Uplighting is both the fastest and cheapest event design that can transform an empty room into an incredible event space. Color has the ability to make us feel and that is what event light design is all about. Designing event moods that create feeling for your guests to enjoy and take home with them. Ultimately, making memories that will last you and your guests for a lifetime.

What is an Event Uplight?

An event uplight is a light that's artistically placed to design the event space by throwing LED illumination upward on a wall or DJ stage. Event uplighting is an important detail to event design, I have already talked in great detail to what event uplighting is and if you are still wondering what it is you can also read my companies U7 Austin DJ event design page where I talk about designing your event with lighting on my website U7 Austin DJ.

Otherwise, let’s look closer to why you need event uplighting at your wedding and special occasion. Alos, how much it will cost if you add it to your DJ service package. In this blog, I will take a closer look at event uplighting and hopefully answer your lighting questions by convincing you to add them to your event space.

How are Event Uplighting Powered and Controlled?

All professional DJ’s will have at least twelve event uplights to add to their DJ package, the best event uplights are wireless LED and are lithium battery operated with all white fixtures ( to match a wedding or formal event). Each event uplight will run eight hours on a full charge and U7 Austin DJ always charges our event uplights before a gig. Also, DJ Ram-Z controls the event uplights easily from his DJ booth via an iPad dedicated to controlling the uplighting throughout the room.

5 Reasons on Why You Need Event Uplighting At Your Wedding or Special Occasion!

There are many good reasons to have event uplighting at your special occasion and I have listed the top reasons below. Let’s take a look on why you should have event uplighting at your wedding or any special occasion. Event uplighting does the following;

1. Creates ambiance in the event space with or without event drapery;

2. color ties the event theme together;

3. it’s affordable;

4. you can customize the LED color; and, last but least, and

5. YOU CANNOT photoshop your guest’s memories or the bad lighting in the events photographs or videos.

How Much Does Event Uplighting Cost?

For a professional DJ lighting design package, U7 Austin DJ estimates that costs will begin between three hundred and get as high as a thousand dollars. Uplighting a DJ is much cheaper than lighting a band on stage and you will save money on event uplighting with hiring a professional DJ company that comes with the uplighting for the evening. Your event uplighting should be one part of you DJ service package, the ideal event lighting package should also include splash lights on the dance floor, and a laser show, so that in photos and videos, there is a balance between the event party background and focal points within the the photography and videography.

Pro Tip - The dinner tables, dance floor, and DJ will be much darker than everything else in the photographs and video if you only have uplighting framing a dark room, you’ve essentially lit the perimeter of the room and will still need proper dinner table lighting like flameless candles, and a laser show for the dance floor. Event uplights should be part of a bigger event lighting package designed for the evening.

Think Neutral Warm Uplighting

Designing a social space with event uplighting by creating ambiance with color is do-able in any event space and all professional DJs offer uplighting packages. That is exactly why you need event uplighting at your wedding. When it comes to adding warmth, and designing a welcoming space, I highly recommend the color amber because it is simply the most flattering live event uplighting hue on the spectrum, it add’s a romantic and intimate welcoming glow to any event space at every venue I have worked with. However, if your event lighting design is more dramatic, you can customize the wireless LED to your chosen shade, adding a splash of color up the wall of the venue to tie in your event’s theme and or promote your brand.

Pro Tip - Dancing uplights that are programmed to be in sync with the DJ’s electronic music is a great lighting design for the dance party of the evening. I also recommend deep purple and blue hues when you want a nightclub vibe at the event, those colors amp up guests for the dance party portion of the evening and set the vibe for socializing. While this can be a lovely choice for a corporate function or the dance party at you wedding reception it may not be the right color scheme for an intimate cocktail hour before your ceremony or a formal dinner party. Event uplighting in more personal space should involve creating event space for conversations based around sentimental moments that translates to calming colors that soften and warm up the room or match your company theme thus, transforming the event space from ordinary to extraordinary.

If you are interested in working with my electronic music entertainment company, U7 Austin DJ, you can book a consultation appointment where we can talk about event design. U7 Austin DJ can be both your wedding DJ and create an event uplighting design that will make your photos and videos pop with class and color. Along with event uplighting, U7 Austin DJ also offers: a 360 booth and event drapery. You can learn more about U7 Austin DJ and to email me you can do so at

Thank you in advance and have a great day.

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