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Austin Wedding Design

U7 Austin DJ has wedding planning experience. We are here to serve as your trusted collaborator for your event design. The U7 Austin DJ team uses our creative expertise to manifest your wedding design vision into any space. U7 Austin DJ design style thrives on balancing the following:​

1.  Making your unique event design; fresh, lively and reflecting your personal style.

2. Creating an unforgettable atmosphere with thoughtful event design that is welcoming to all generations and ethnicities.

3. Curating live event design that encourages communities to celebrate each others differences on the dance floor.


Special Occasion Event Design

U7 Austin DJ offers both professional local DJing service and event design for special occasions like:

The number one question I get as a local Austin DJ company that offers event design is what is uplighting!?! I would like to answer that question below. So, let’s dive into what event uplighting is and why your event design will need it!

What Is Event Uplighting?


Event uplighting is the very beginning chapter of event design. Designing event space starts with the placement of individual light sources at the base of architectural details or points of interest, typically framing the perimeter of the event space while bringing attention to those unique details and creating a mood that matches the theme of the event or spaces throughout the evening. By using wireless LED uplighting that is battery-operated, you can eliminate the eye sore and trip hazard of cables. It is currently the best option because they don’t heat up the way traditional bulbs do, so there’s no risk of guests burning themselves or a décor element such as drapery catching on fire. 

PRO TIP - Different events call for different event light design, it's not rocket science but live event uplighting is an art form and creating the ambiance for an event takes skillful professionals that have experience in live event production and lighting event design. Thus, let’s take a closer look at three different events that require different event uplighting design solutions.


Firstly, when doing wedding ceremony uplighting, one light should be placed at every anchoring point or pillar in the ceremonial room and the average sized wedding ceremony room will use twelve uplights.


Secondly, when doing corporate event uplighting or reception dance party the uplights should be placed around the outside of the room, either on the floor shooting upwards on the wall or anchored to ceiling beams pointed at an angle on the dance floor to create an inclusive dance party space. 


Lastly, when doing dinner party uplighting, of any size, the uplights should be framing the perimeter of the room creating intimate space for your guests, ultimately designing a mood with the uplighting by customizing the lighting color to match your dinner theme and welcoming your guests into a curated experience with music, food and intimate lighting.

Think Dramatic Drapery


Drapery is the cherry on top of an event design cupcake. The two go together like peanut butter and jelly. Uplighting and drapery often go hand in hand in live event design production. Uplighting adds to the texture of drapery by emphasizing the details in the event deco. Lastly, uplighting brings focus to what the deco is expressing to the guests for the evening.


Pro Tip - Don’t be afraid to change the light design throughout the evening, color changes on the drapery can create dramatic differences in the event space and keep the evening flowing keeping your itinerary in mind and your guests entertained.


Let’s work together on designing your event! If lighting isn't what you are in need of. you might want to check out U7 Austin DJ's other party rentals like our:


With over a decade of experience, U7 Austin DJ has what it takes to make your event spectacular and memorable! We are a one-stop DJ company, offering many supporting services to simplify your event design logistics including event uplighting, dramatic drapery, an open aired  360 booth, dancing on a cloud, cold sparkler firework show, and monogram!


I would love to hear from you if you think we are a match, you can email me at or contact me now! I look forward to answering your questions about event design and how it can be used to transform your event space from ordinary to extraordinary!

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