U7 Austin DJ

U7 Austin DJ has been a DJ in Austin Texas since the late 1990's.

I didn't start my career as a professional Austin DJ, in the beginning DJ'ing was just for fun. Becoming the background maestro that conducts epic dance parties for weddings and company parties throughout central Texas came after decades of "on the job training" in my youth. With years of experience, my electronic music library has expanded to well over two terebytes and it's possible I have heard your favorite song. I've matured, both as a professional Austin DJ and as a local small business owner. Through time and hard work, U7 Austin DJ has grown from the ground up to become a leader in first class DJ service.

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Humble Austin Wedding DJ Beginnings

My love for being an Austin DJ started in the grimy downtown streets long before Austin was nicknamed ATX. Growing up in Austin, I got my start DJ'ing private parties in abandoned warehouses, underground rave parties, hot summer boat parties on Lake Travis, local fundraisers
 and eventually I moved up to having residencies in top downtown night clubs. DJing in clubs came to an end during the pandemic but through Covid-19 I leveled up my small DJ business and U7 Austin DJ was born and I've had the pleasure of DJ'ing Austin weddings all over the city! 

I am grateful for my humble beginnings as a local DJ to currently, full time professional wedding (and corparate) DJ and owner of U7 Austin DJ. How far I have come from my early days as a downtown club kid, DJing the underground scene is a testament to my passion for DJing electronic music. But, let's be real, Austin is a community of creative energy and with so many Austin DJ's on the scene, the real question is, how is U7 Austin DJ any different?      

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Creative Live Event Design

Your parties preferences might start with your favorite songs but with U7 Austin DJ they won’t end there because I offer event design as well. My team will work within your vision to design your dream event. I have always found that uplighting is a great starting point for event design and when you add dramatic drapery you can turn any old ordinary space into an extraordinary event! Add, my 360 booth to the mix and you have memories that will stay with your guests' for a lifetime. 


Do you live in the Austin Texas area and want to learn how to DJ like a professional?

With years of experience I have grown to become a teacher in the art of DJing. I have successfully taught both male and female students how to DJ and my students often go on to have their own residencies downtown or within their own niche community here in Austin. If you want to learn Dj'ing skills, reach out to me and lets talk about what skills you want to achieve and how I can be of service in helping you level up with DJ Lessons.


Do you need a professional Austin DJ and are you overwhelmed with planning your event?

If you don't know where to start and what questions to ask a professional Austin DJ when interviewing them, then you've come to the right place. Over and over, these frequently asked questions are asked from people that are throwing their first big event, so I formulated a list to help dance party newbies organize the chaotic decision making process that comes with hosting an epic event that is unforgettable and choosing the right professional Austin DJ for your central Texas event.

My goal is to do two things; first, I want to help you understand what you should expect from any professional DJ in the Austin Texas area that you hire for your event and lastly, I would like to introduce to you, my award winning DJ company, U7 Austin DJ, which is a local leader in first class customer service!

And, there you have it folks, the most asked questions in my career as a local professional Austin DJ. Did I answer your question? If not please feel free to contact me about my DJ services or my thoughts on live event professional DJ industry standards in the Austin, Texas area. If you would like to book U7 Austin DJ we can schedule a consultation to see if we are a good fit. I look forward to answering any questions you might have about electronic music or event design.

Have anything to say? I want your feedback about my FAQ's, both positive and constructive. By sharing you help me improve as a professional Austin DJ and local small business owner. Sincerely and thank you in advance!