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GOOGLE my local Austin Texas Wedding DJ company

Updated: May 1

Find us on GOOGLE! U7 Austin DJ has a verified GBP account as a local Austin Texas Wedding DJ Company.

If you are like most you use GOOGLE. From maps to the search engine GOOGLE has a hold on the cyber market. Thats why U7 Austin DJ has a GBP account and has been verified since 2022. We are grateful to give the best wedding DJ service in Texas. We aren't just some basic dj company that shows up, throws a kind of clean table cloth on a wobbly pop up table and "makes it work". That is not what our wedding clients come to us for. We turn their wedding dreams into reality. We bring to the wedding planning table our DJ skills and wedding planning knowledge from years of experience and help you from the beginning to the very end. We are excited for you both and eager to work on your wedding music sets with you, creating special moments that will stay with both of you for a lifetime and define you as a couple in the future.

Brides and Grooms alike are often surprised to find that the wedding industry comes with a lot of "boundaries". But not us, at U7 Austin DJ we are there for our couples, supporting your wedding day vision and giving the best party advice we can because we are genuinely happy for other peoples milestones. We know that your wedding isn't about us it's about you as a couple and your love tribe of friends and family. We want to support your musical planning journey.

u7 Austin DJ a local wedding dj and emcee in Austin Texas
The secret is out... U7 Austin DJ is the BEST in TEXAS!

So why should you book U7 Austin DJ for your Texas wedding?

Great question! Firstly, we offer top notch customer service. Yup, that's number one folks. Communication isn't much to ask for but most couples will find that planning your wedding can be over stimulating, high energy and wedding vendors have so many rules and boundaries and not always the best communication skills. Trust me I work with some great wedding vendors that are awesome at their job but not so great is communicating. But U7 Austin DJ is easy to communicate with and we answer our clients; emails, phone calls and text messages within 24 hours. We are always on time to our consultations and look forward to planning your wedding day with you. In an industry full of boundaries we have very few during the planning part of your wedding.

  • If you have a wedding problem fall in your lap, call us! We get it and you can email, call or text us at any time. We have years of experience and might have a solution to your wedding problem faster than your bestie or Mama will, yeah I said it!

  • Need to complain about the planning ups and downs of your wedding? We are always down to listen to you, support your wedding day vision and throw shade to your wedding day haters!

  • First time getting married? Need help with wedding design and traditions? Don't know where to start? We got you boo! We have been part of a hundreds of weddings and can answer all your questions from what is a processional song? or Do I need cold sparklers? or Can you shorten the songs during the slow dancing? U7 Austin DJ can answer your wedding planning questions and help to create your dream wedding dance party.

Did I answer your google or wedding DJ questions in this blog? If not check out these links below.

Locate our GBP account on the map app.

Have more questions?

Check our FAQ page on wedding planning and everything U7 Austin DJ!

Want to hear our wedding library music?

Need Pricing?

We don't base our price on your worth we base it on our own worth and what we can back up with years of being a seasoned professional wedding DJ. What does that mean? It means we don't up our price because YOU can afford it. That type of pricing is based on your worth and if a dj company is changing their price because they think that they can, that my friend is called a hustle and I think you deserve better than that. You deserve to have your wedding day be all that you desire.

With that being said we have made U7 Austin DJ Pricing public to show that all couples are treated equally with the same 5 star service, at a price that you can afford. We have zero hidden fees or extra surprises come check out, just standard sales tax for Uncle Sam. We give all our couples the same price with no hidden hustle in the cost. We have built our business foundation on being; honest, easy going, and inclusive.

Want something out of the ordinary? We don't judge! Love is Love and we will always support the movement of tolerance and welcome diversity. We treat all couples traditions, culture differences and musical tastes with respect no matter how different you are to our own values and musical preferences. Planning other couples weddings isn't for everyone but we do what we love and we love what we do. With us, what you see is what you get. We know we are worth our prices and are confident that we can keep your dance floor packed.

Want rental add ons?

We offer wedding design add ons from Cold Sparklers to 360 booth, we have the wedding rental extras that will turn your ordinary day into the dream wedding that you have been envisioning since you were little.

Need a payment plan?

We are proud to have partnered with PayPal and Affirm. You can book our services now and pay later without the fees. PayPal and Affirm are both a smarter way to pay for your wedding over time. Book any of our services and wedding rental add ons and pay at your own pace without any fees, so you can get the wedding day party you have always imagined without breaking the bank. We believe everyone deserves their dream wedding dance party and we want to make that happen for all our clients.

Still have questions? Contact Us


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