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U7 Austin DJ Electronic Music

"DJ'ing goes as far back as the late 1970's but I've been DJ'ing electronic music since the late 1990's." - DJ Ram-Z

While I have only been DJ'ing since the nineties, the beginning of DJ'ing electronic music can be traced back in American history to the disco era of the late 1970's. Disco's enchanted the urban jungle's of The States by the masses, creating hype, moving crowds on the dance floor, using drum machines, electronic instruments to create synthesized rhythms and turn strangers into community long after the music stops and the dawn of Sunday morning begins. In modern day terms we call that a Saturday night downtown. Disco's gave us the club vibe we know today and no disco club did more for the scene than Studio 54 in New York.


Still, in modern days, your vibe attracts your tribe and that same dance club vibe of the disco is the staple of even the most intimate special occasions like a wedding even if only for the last few hours of the evening. It's safe to say your event's musical journey on the dance floor has a lot to do with your personal vibe as well. If there is one thing I know about Austin Texas it is that we are a diverse progressive community with an eccentric taste in electronic music. My award winning professional DJ'ing company has successfully had the pleasure of DJ'ing and MC'ing at many events throughout Austin and central Texas from;






While my company, U7 Austin DJ, is newish I have over a decade in DJ'ing clubs, festivals and formal wedding DJ'ing and as Master of Ceremonies. ​My expertise on the subject of professional event DJ'ing and as Master of Ceremonies can be found in FAQ section at the bottom of my U7 Austin DJ home page. However, if you are looking for a service other than DJ'ing electronic music and Mc'ing your wedding reception, U7 Austin DJ, also offers:


1. event design to create the mood for the evening;

2. an open aired 360 booth;

3. uplighting with customized color for the event, and

4. for the final touch to designing an unforgettable event, drapery.


Can't find what you want? Try searching my website here.

U7 Austin DJ djing in downtown Austin club for a local company party

Worry Less, Dance More

Music creates community on the dance floor. My job is to curate the perfect sound design for your event in a way that will keep you and your guests dancing. I love DJ'ing electronic music and I'm known for throwing down international flavors into the mix to provide a well concocted blend that fuels nonstop dancing on the dance floor! The music I DJ, is solely determined by you for you. I can comfortably DJ dance music from the last 100 years from jazz to funk to disco to house. If you are interesting in working with me you can read more on the following:

1. My blog post about U7 Austin DJ,

2. check out my blog on where you can find U7 Austin DJ service on the web,

3. email me at

4. lastly, if you are ready to move forward with a consultation, you can book U7 Austin DJ.

Thank you in advance, I look forward to meeting you, answering any; event design, Disc Jockey or Master of Ceremonies questions you might have. My goal is to earn a first impression that will exceed your expectations from exceptional customer service.

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