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U7 Austin DJ
Boat Party

"The best Austin summer memories are boat parties with live music and dancing." - DJ Ram-Z

An Austin Boat Party DJ must have the skills to successfully DJ electronic music on the water. I assure you if your boat party DJ is a fish out of water when it comes to knowing the difference between land and boat DJing your boat party will quickly become a major party fail in which your guests will start to feel more like hostages on a boat than mermaids and mermen partying the day away. I’ve been an Austin boat party DJ with success since the early 2000's and I can admit my first boat party wasn't my careers high point. Yet, with time I learnt Austin boat party DJing. My experience taught me DJing skills from small intimate gatherings to large booze cruises.


Summer Boat Parties

I can supply your boat party with a flawless DJ sound journey that will keep you and your guests entertained and dancing long after your party boat docks.Along with my professional DJ service, U7 Austin DJ also offers creative event design in the form of:

1. Unique drapery,

2. wireless LED event uplighting, and

3. a 360 booth that creates reels for your guests' social media.


You can read more about U7 Austin DJ on my blog. You can email me at and you can book my DJ service here.

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