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There’s something about monograms that simply oozes wedding elegance and sophistication. If you’re looking to take your wedding to the next level, a monogram might be exactly what you need! U7 Austin DJ takes you through everything you need to know about wedding monograms so that you or we can design your perfect monogram.


A lot of times when I am designing my wedding clients monogram the question of wedding monogram etiquette comes up! Whose name goes first? Whose letter goes first? Honestly, this nitty gritty wedding detail can be confusing, especially when you are juggling all of the other details of planning your dream wedding day. So let’s answer that question for future newlyweds.


So to answer the most asked question about monogram etiquette. The Brides name or initial always comes first on a monogram because the Husbands first name or initial should never be separated from his last name or initial. However, this is only traditional wedding rules. What if you are a some sex couple?  What is you are not a conventional couple? What is wedding rules is not your think? In these cases wedding traditions are what you make them and you should design a monogram that represents you as a couple and don’t be afraid to start your own wedding traditions and trends.


The second most asked question I get asked when designing my couples monogram “When can we start using our married monogram?”


It’s a big wedding tradition no-no to use your married monogram before you’re actually married. So that means using a monogram with your new last name or initial on save-the-dates, invitations, thank you notes, etc. is taboo. Instead, it is thought better to use a monogram that has just your first initials or first names as a singleton. With the most come name on invites being from the parents of the Bride or the couple as singles with both their  first and last names.


During the wedding ceremony is considered a gray area for wedding tradition. Now, personally I say if you want to use your married monogram at the beginning of your wedding day, go for it! The married monogram is a visual symbol of two people joining as one. It makes perfect sense to use it during your wedding ceremony. I feel it is a perfect time to use your new wedding monogram on anything from aisle runners, candles, or programs. However, if you want wedding rules and traditional monogram rules, you should wait till you have said I do!


Traditionally the rule is to use your monogram as newlyweds after the wedding ceremony and during the cocktail hour or reception. Feel free to use your married monogram on anything you wish really. Your wedding reception and cocktail hour are both is a green light to display your new married monogram proudly. You might want to highlight design features be it on a table runner, menus, the cake, gifts or the dance floor, anything your little heart desires! Get creative and think outside the wedding box of traditions. Need help designing it? Let U7 Austin Dj help you create your monogram for your wedding.

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