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U7 Austin DJ
Local Wedding DJs in Austin Texas

"Impress your guests and keep them dancing by playing their favorite songs mixed into your favorites" - DJ Ram-Z

I get it, planning a wedding can be quite an undertaking. As a local wedding DJ in Austin Texas, I understand your wedding is a sacred ceremony and I know from experience, it's also an epic dance party. You need a professional DJ that you can trust to conduct the sound journey of your wedding and it's important that you hire an Austin wedding DJ with years of experience on how to solve "The Big Day" problems that might (and, I assure they will) arise. I look forward to gaining your trust and answering any questions you might have about my DJ services of electronic music and my company U7 Austin DJ. Whether you have a clear vision of what you want from your Austin wedding DJ, or prefer to let a professional DJ take the creative musical reigns, my goal is to get to know you and your fiancé well enough to represent your personality in a way that will keep your guests; happy, impressed and on the dance floor. 


Turning Austin Wedding DJ
Dreams into Reality

Austin wedding dj service map for planning perfect wedding

The music for your wedding dance party isn't the only decision you have to make about your wedding, you have a lot on your plate with event design;

  • color you want splashed on your walls from event uplighting,

  • creating the mood with dramatic drapery,

  • mirrored LED 360 reel booth for your guests' social media,

  • dancing on the cloud,

  • monogram, and

  • projector & screen.


The most important decision you have to make is your wedding event design budget. You are probably wondering my prices, so let's talk about it. You will find my wedding DJ packages here.

Is Event Uplighting Necessary at a Wedding?

Uplighting is the first stage in wedding event design. Lighting adds color and dimension to your wedding that will make it memorable. Whether you want the mood soft and cozy or upbeat and colorful, U7 Austin DJ can help you design the look you envisioned and turn your event design dreams into reality. However, we can all agree nothing is truly “necessary” at a wedding other than the marrying couple. From an event lighting design standpoint, wedding uplighting is the (un)necessary staple that creates the romantic feel of a space, when wedding uplighting is done properly, it gives a mood to your event space. It’s important to remember the lighting is in the background of your wedding photos and videography, it adds drama and elegance to the venue space. It creates the memories that will last a lifetime for you and your guests but it will also indicate points of interest throughout your wedding and help guide your guests to areas of the venue they’ll be interacting with, such as the bar, 360 booth, cake cutting area and dance floor party.

Do It Yourself Wedding Uplighting


Do It Yourself wedding uplighting still involves person(s) that is/are solely dedicated to the wedding uplighting project. Said lighting person should be skilled at the task and willing to troubleshoot lighting throughout the wedding because if anything goes wrong Do It Yourself wedding projects are not the responsibility of the other live event vendors, day of coordinator, wedding planners, or venues, you will need a trusted lighting person to pull off the evening. 

PRO TIP - An alternative to professional uplighting that is also wedding budget-friendly is battery operated flameless candles and for the wedding ceremony and/or reception dinner tables, that way you don't have to worry about being the DIY lighting tech or your wedding guests knocking over lite candles. Not to mention, flameless candles come with remotes, so you can adjust the lighting yourself as the night goes on without needing an event lighting specialist.


With that being said, our Austin wedding Dj's also acts as a lighting tech during your wedding and can provide the perfect uplighting transition from event to event throughout your wedding flawlessly and with the skills only a seasoned Austin wedding DJ has. If the task of Do It Yourself wedding uplighting is overbearing, you can add event uplighting to your U7 Austin DJ wedding package and rest assure that your wedding uplighting will be done professionally and design the BIG day mood you are looking to create.

You can email me at or book my services now to get a consultation where I can answer your wedding questions about DJ'ing, being the Master of Ceremonies for the evening, and formal event design. 

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