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Confetti Show at the Wedding

U7 Austin DJ
Cold Sparkler Firework Show 

Cold Sparkler Firework Show is the magical moment you need to create the wedding drama you envision for your big day. This wedding effect is an amazing no flame product that creates the wedding drama you are looking for in photos and videos. 

Confetti Show at the Wedding


The 3 most popular ways cold sparklers are used at weddings!

1. The Grand Entrance: This is by far the most popular moment to use the cold sparkler firework show! With 2 cold sparklers along the entrance timed to go off right as the DJ announces you into the reception! Not only does it bring the energy up in the room but it looks amazing in your wedding video and pictures.

2. The First Dance: Using the cold sparklers to highlight special moments while you dance for the first time as husband and wife. Think about lighting them off during a twirl, a dip, or a lift during your dance. This can help create that perfect moment that you and your guests will remember the rest of your lives.

3. The Grand Exit: Go Big or Go Home!  That's how we do it here in Texas so the grand entrance is the perfect Texas time to use cold sparklers during your wedding! Using this effect for your send off isn't just Texan it's very dramatic.  The ambiance is set with a over the top firework show as the backdrop against the dark sky, creating the perfect wedding drama! It really creates stunning pictures and it’s also a safe way to do sparklers.

U7 Austin DJ cold sparkler firework show is by far the most lit special wedding effects we have to offer. Still not convinced. Here are a few reasons why you should rent Cold sparklers for your wedding day.


  • They are indoor and outdoor-safe because they don't use any open flames, unlike sparklers during a tradtional send off of newlyweds. The sparks are cool to the touch, smokeless, and have no pyro smell.

  • Most venues here in Austin Texas will approve cold sparks for indoor or outdoor use. U7 Austin DJ always follows local & state safety recommendations; obtaining a certificate of insurance, planning, and obtaining permits from local fire departments as laws/regulation varies between counties.

  • Cold sparks are generally considered a very safe “pyro” effect, our skilled operators always plan and design a safe show for all ages.

  • Cold sparks look stunning in photos and wedding videos. We’ll work with your photographer and videographer to ensure they capture the full effect and they get the shot that keeps your guests talking about your wedding for a lifetime.

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