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U7 Austin DJ
LED CO2 Guns

U7 Austin DJ’s Co2 Guns are a fun little wedding reception extra that sprays Co2 on the dance floor. Does it hurt? No, don't worry when your guests get sprayed, this colorless, odorless, gas feels like a cold burst of wind and is refreshing when you’re sweaty from dancing the night away. Co2 guns allow the bride and groom to cool their guests down and this blast of cold smoke is unforgettable and creates picture perfect moments on the dance floor!


There is no better way to let your friends and family know you love them then spraying them with Co2 when they are hot and sweating from dancing! This safe gas will cool your guests down and level up the energy on the dance floor! Co2 guns are an all ages wedding extra  and currently the biggest wedding trend. Why add it to the budget? Because kids love it, grandparents have never seen it before, and most of all, it creates the perfect backdrop for photos and videos of the bride and groom spraying their love tribe with pure positive vibes.

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