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U7 Austin DJ
Electronic Music for Weddings

"DJing goes as far back as the late 1970's but I've been DJing electronic music since the late 1990's." - DJ Ram-Z

 While I have only been DJing since the nineties, the beginning of DJing electronic music can be traced back in American history to the disco era of the late 1970's. Disco's enchanted the urban jungle's of The States by the masses, creating hype, moving crowds on the dance floor, using drum machines, which are electronic instruments to create synthesized rhythms and turn strangers into community long after the music stops and the dawn of Sunday morning begins. In modern day terms we call that a Saturday night downtown.

We probably don’t have to tell you not a lot has changed in that choosing the right DJ can really make or break your wedding vibes. But here’s a little secret you might not know! The real trick to good wedding vibes is a packed dance floor. And, that my friend, is called drumroll...chemistry! Which is why we are all about getting to know you and your people, so we can totally get your wedding style vibes and vision for your big day.

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