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The Austin Chamber of Commerce program Austin Gives

Updated: May 1

U7 Austin DJ has taken the Austin Gives pledge to give 1% of pre-tax earnings to philanthropic local causes in Travis County.

U7 Austin DJ is a small local company, we will never concur the world! But, we believe that small actions can make a big impact in the world and we want to do just that! Imagine if everybody in Austin no matter how small of a company gave back to the community! WOW! What kind of city would that look like? For me as a local that is the city that I want to create for the future generations of young people here in Austin. An altruistic community is what we at U7 Austin DJ strive to help create in Texas. That’s why we took the 1% pledge and are committed to helping our community anyway we can.

U7 Austin DJ built our business foundation on the principle and practice of genuine concern for the well-being of other humans, animals, and wildlife flora/fauna above ourselves. To live and let live is an important moral value in our daily lives at home and out in the world. We are always striving to be more selfless and giving to our community and welcome opportunities to help our neighbors. We believe anyone can help create positive change in the Austin community with personal and corporate philanthropy and we take the commitment of altruism seriously. We are doing our part to make our local community a humane, caring and progressive city that gives back to one another and is the helping hand that any Austinite would need.

U7 Austin DJ has taken the Austin Gives pledge to give 1% to philanthropic local causes
U7 Austin DJ has taken the Austin Gives pledge to give 1% to philanthropic local causes

As a local Austin wedding and party rental company, we are a small humble entertainment service nonetheless we are proud to have partnered with Austin Gives of The Austin Chamber of Commerce. Giving back to our local community has always played a big part in how we live our day to day lives and who we are at home as a family and in the community as a local business. U7 Austin DJ is made of plain old ordinary people that do extraordinary philanthropy within the community. We strive to create a better world for all our local community through small acts of kindness, volunteering, donating our rental products and services to causes and groups of people that we want to see make a difference in the city because we believe they have what it takes.

U7 Austin DJ is excited to have partnered with Austin Give.
U7 Austin DJ is excited to have partnered with Austin Give.

We are grateful to live, work and play in Austin Texas! We believe Austin is a community of givers, shakers, movers and creatives that are making a difference in Texas! We are honored to be part of Austin's local community because this is a great city of like-minded, generous and caring persons who are making an impact in the world. While we are humble local entrepreneurs, we truly believe doing good is not just good for our local Austin wedding DJ business, it’s good for our souls! So with that being said;

  • If you would like to enquire about my entertainment and party rental services for your charity, reach out on our fundraiser page to see if you qualify and lets talk about how U7 Austin DJ can be of service to your local charity event. We love giving back to our local community and we are always interested in helping new and established local Austin causes that are helping our community be the best city in the south.

  • If you would like to be part of the Austin Gives movement, join us, all is welcome and let's make Austin the best city in America to own a business and raise a family in.

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