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2023 BEST OF ZOLA goes to U7 Austin DJ

U7 Austin DJ Team is grateful to be awarded the best of ZOLA in 2023.

It feels good to work hard and achieve the merit you have earned as an Austin wedding DJ. There are a lot of great wedding DJ's in Austin.

My local wedding company, U7 Austin DJ partnered with ZOLA in 2021 when the platform was still transforming into what it is today. Yup, I remember the good old days when it was free and just starting to be the badass wedding app they are today!

But honestly, my company is happy to play the fee that ZOLA charges because the clientele they attract has been nothing but awesome to DJ for. I have had the pleasure of meeting some great couples and performed at really fun weddings that had epic dance parties. At the end of the day that is because I met them on ZOLA.

I highly recommend couples that are planning a wedding to check out ZOLA when it comes to finding your wedding venue and vendors. They are a modern app that will connect you with your local wedding vendors. I have found the Austin wedding vendors I've met through ZOLA to be at the top of their wedding vendor game and on the ball on local ATX business.


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